"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

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Rethink. Recreate. Rebuild.

Prema's School of Fashion Design is a top-tier art institution, offering a series of globally standardized undergraduate and postgraduate programmes managed by industry experts with a strong relevant background. Our institute is focused on helping its students excel as we prepare our students for successful fashion, textile, and apparel industry careers.

Our specialised courses seek to train future designers, creative individuals, academic leaders, and professionals by laying a sturdy foundation that helps them broaden their horizons.

We engage with our students in a curriculum that values and supports interdisciplinary perspectives while still facilitating their academic growth. We pay great emphasis on creating individuals who are socially sensitive and conscious about their duties and responsibilities towards the environment. Prema's School of Fashion Design seeks to create professionals who are aware of the ethical issues related to the textile and apparel industries.

Our course helps you to draw attention and understand as well as appreciate various forms of art, genres, and artistic traditions in the field of textiles and costumes. We enable our students to foster the appreciation and revival of various forms of art.

The important component of entrepreneurship helps encourage students to start their own ventures and thus create employment in the long run. Through excellence in teaching and research. We aim to create an educational experience that involves not only the acquisition of skills and knowledge but also the cultivation of a mindset that emphasises entrepreneurship, innovation, cultural awareness, and commitment for the public good.


Our main aim is to help our students to rapidly scale up their skills, and their skill development process by creating a well sorted, outcome-focused framework, which will align the demands of the growing industries for a well-trained & skilled professional with the aspirations of Indian citizens for sustainable livelihoods.


To be able to see eye to eye with the leading global institutes in fashion design and business skill development education, by implementing a rigorous standard, ceaseless revolution to cope up with the ever changing technology & demands, and by establishing a strong professional alliance with universities and industry partners.


To make an impact on the education system covering the whole spectrum of activities in the fashion and textiles/design industry, and to develop artistic individual professionals who have a dynamic global outlook, a critical creative thinking and a sense of social responsibility.

  • To support the growing demands of a professional, who is solely focused on the input in terms of design, technology, and marketing directions. To promote innovative teaching methodologies and practises to further enhance learning and technicalities of our student, to provide a state-of-the-art environment that stimulates students' learning interests.
  • To ensure we are able to build a capacity for skill development in critical unorganised sectors (such as the garment and design sector, where there are few opportunities for skill training) and pathways for reskilling and up-skilling workers in these identified sectors, in order to allow them to transition into formal a sector.
  • To ensure adequate high quality options for long-term skilling to be acceptable internationally, which will ultimately contribute to the creation of a highly skilled workforce. Support for weaker and disadvantaged sections of society through focused outreach programmers and targeted skill development activities.

Success Stories

The history of Premas Fashion Genesis begins with the launch of a boutique business, followed by the construction of the most modern, fully operational garment factory unit, known as Premas Fashion Max, in the centre of Navi Mumbai. The vision of establishing our academic institute called "Premas Fashion Genesis," with the novel idea of providing comprehensive skill-based education beneath the excellent full-fledged garment factory unit, continues to progress.

We strive to provide the vivacious, talented young students graduating from the institute guaranteed internship and placement opportunities.

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We profoundly believe that there is always more than one 'right way' to achieve great results. All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.
  • The only institution till date to be associated with the Govt of Maharashtra, for providing skill based training projects for Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc) under the National Skill Qualification Programme of University Grants Commission New Delhi.
  • Inhouse Brand “Adita”styling for little stars.
  • SMETA 4- Piller certified factory
  • Ms. PremlataTidke– Our Chairman & Managing Director was awarded with "Samaj Bhushan" and “Ranragini” award for the year's best businesswoman held in Pune.

Our Board Members


Mrs. Premlata Vilas Tidke

Chairman & Managing Director


Mr. Shekhar Pathipaka

Associate Director & Business Head – ‘ADITA’ Girl’s Kids Collection