Our courses offer a good compromise between the continuous assessment favoured by some universities and the emphasis placed on final exams by others.

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Our Goals

Developments in skill organization programmes for men and women.

Prema’s Fashion Genesis actively engages and collaborates using its connections and great staff. Our preservice teachers are experts in their professions and hold advanced degrees . Professionals from the industry are employed as visiting instructors to guide our students. Reputable individuals from different sectors of the industry and other academic institutions often hold workshops for our students. We have given detailed information about various types of subjects in the official site of our institute so that the students can get a better understanding of their operations.

We offer placement assistance.

PFGenesis has dedicated itself to help out individuals to become better, as we believe it is the key to social and individual development. We promote a comprehensive educational experience that fosters overall development. Our management is dedicated to fostering an environment where students can learn with passion and develop as professionals and individuals with strong morals and principles.

Our student-centred programs also offer opportunities to develop professional abilities, self-assurance, and confidence.

The mission of PFGenesis is to provide an education system that prepares the students for a successful professional & disciplined life set.

Training - Methodology

PFGenesis offers courses that focus on skill development, which is one of the key features needed in order to be a better version of yourself . With our guidance, our Students can explore the professional world and develop their sense of innovation. An emphasis on teamwork and group learning. High degree of coordination within and between courses.

Frequent interactions with visiting executives from projects of an entrepreneurial or consulting nature.

The PFGenesis campus in Mumbai gives their students the best of both worlds. Air conditioned classroom with high quality training. We are proud enough to also state that we have highly skilled, educated professors at PFGenesis . They contribute their in-depth expertise, real-world experience, and advanced education system to boost their students skills.

Evaluation of Oneself

Students can assess their academic progress with a self-evaluation assignment that is part of the study materials.

Expectations for students

The students must routinely attend all lessons, including theory and practice, and spend a lot of time doing their own independent research and studies at home as well.


Assignments related to computers will require the students to spend significant time in the lab


Internship programs help our students to gather experience from the practical world & also combine the concepts learnt in the classroom with the real life situation in organization.

Bridge Between Institution & Industry

Internship is a bridge between institution & industry from where students will get the exposure of the corporate world. We train our students to be able to survive the industry standards.

Curriculum are Conducted

Assessments related to various subjects, form & beyond the curriculum are conducted on a regular basis.


PFGenesis provides quality courses with audio & visual teaching aids.


Experts from industry are frequently initiated to disseminate lectures & teach on various subjects.

Computing Needs

PFGenesis center provides you with the relevant latest infrastructure to cater the computing needs of students and the training needed to grow in the technical field related with the courses.